Inspiration Destination

Bring your ideas to life with a Hybrid Home

Inspiration Destination

While traditional builders are still building traditional homes, mygen homes wanted to #mixitup and created the Hybrid Homes Range. Through unconstrained design, innovative building techniques and mixed materials, we bring your ideas, your inspiration and your possibilities to life.

See yourself in a new kind of home? Get inspired and see what’s possible when you #mixitup with a Hybrid Home.

Perth’s beach-side lifestyle meets a timeless Hamptons design. Light and open spaces, which are created from neutral tones, weatherboard, driftwood and cladding. Accented with rustic colours and timber floors, this style creates a welcoming sanctuary.


Today’s design style, built for tomorrow. The latest technology combines with mixed materials to create a dynamic masterpiece.


Straight lines merge with geometric shapes to create a vibrant impact. Punctuated with chrome and steel, minimalism is integral to this clean and simple look.


Taking its roots from old warehouses, this style features rustic materials, neutral tones and utilitarian objects. A mix of materials including wood, concrete, metal and brick combined with bare and raw surfaces create a space tantamount to a high-end New York loft.


A modern take on the classic Australian Homestead. Warm, open and plenty of light, these homes feature natural finishings and warm coloured timbers to create an idyllic space for the whole family.




At mygen Homes we can ‘weave’ these modern techniques into tried and tested building methods to give you a home that is not only energy efficient which is necessary as consumables get increasingly costly, but a healthy living space that is a pleasure to live in.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how mygen Homes can make your building experience, an energy and cost saving investment, one which you will enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life in a thermally efficient home.


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