Why Hybrid?

DISCOVER a home to suit you

As mygen Homes prepared for the future, we continue to embrace new techniques and building products to build our Hybrid Homes that are not only innovative by design, but are energy efficient and environmentally essential in a modern world.
mygen Homes is powered by Highbury Homes, a leader in the residential homes industry with 20 years’ experience which brings a wealth of knowledge from construction, to design and friendly award winning service.

Sustainable Living & Design

In the last 5 years, energy costs have risen by 50%, it makes sense to customise your home design to minimise your footprint and future energy expenses. At mygen Homes we will listen to your story and design an energy efficient home to suit your piece of earth, lifestyle and budget.


Mix of Materials

Every building material comes with an environmental cost of some sort. However, at mygen homes we can help guide your choice of sustainable materials and construction systems. Careful analysis of choice of materials and the way they are combined can produce significant improvements in the comfort and cost effectiveness of your home, and greatly reduce its life cycle environmental impact.


Energy Efficient

Depending on the wall type, at mygen Homes we can prefabricate certain walling systems offsite. This can greatly reduce time onsite, greatly reduce waste and speed up construction time.
Houses with the higher Star levels are considered more thermally comfortable than those of lower star levels. Thereby needing less heating and cooling and therefore reducing energy costs. So the closer to a 10 star rating the better.


Eco Friendly

At mygen Homes we are conscious of the considerable waste that comes from building a standard home. In Perth at least 50% of all land fill is derived from the building industry. Which is far too much and methods must be found to reduce this giving foundation to discover new and varied building techniques to combat this growing waste problem.


Hip Pocket Friendly

At mygen Homes, we have developed and use a variety of wall types to achieve the maximum Star Rating and comfort level for your Home.
From SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) to Timber framing, to Standard brick, Brick veneer or the popular Reverse Brick we can design and calculate the best outcome to suit your design and budget.


Some information on this page is sourced from www.yourhome.gov.au